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Enable the use of current solutions by the the companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Support the companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina to develop technology projects and solutions

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Developing technology projects for the Balkans, European Union and Turkey in Bosnia an Herzegovina


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Commercial Collaboration
Collaboration with technology companies, technology experts and academicians

Project Cooperation
Developing projects by using actual and new technologies

Project Sales
Sales of future and current projects

Project Implementation and Support
After sales services; implementation and support

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Ready to Buy Technology Solutions
Solutions that can be used immediately by managers and founders of manufacturing enterprises, cattle and livestock businesses.

For Manufacturing Enterprises
Follow up of productivity and increase

For Farming Businesses
Herd and farm activities follow up and productivity increase

For Companies Seeking Success in Management
Developing an understanding of knowledge based management.

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Infrastruction Development Collaboration
Collaborations with government agencies or organizations that can provide infrastructure and have clustering potential.

Organizations With Clustering Potentials
Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Technoolgy Development Zones

Funding Organizations
Government Agencies

Human Resource Providers
Employment Agencies


Founders of the BOSTEK platform, work collaboratively to help Turkey and Bosnia take their part in the advanced technology economies. Bostek aims to contribute to the competitive power of its customers by using advanced technologies. By cooperating and collaborating with the technology experts and organizations of Bosnia, Bostek improves and increases its power to develop advanced technologies.

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INFORMATION is one of the most important sources of sustainable competitive advantage to businesses. Novi Technology provides innovative solutions for transforming data into information and decision support processes.

Novi uses its experience in corporate business software and information technologies. With its experienced and expert staff , Novi develops and produces software and provide consultancy services related to

  • Business intelligence and decision support systems,
  • Process quality control systems
  • Farm and animal management systems for meat and livestock

Be ready to change. Novi Technology is transforming your business model. Let’s build our future together with our knowledge-based management approach.
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Yalın develops and produces institutionl business software. It works with big, small, medium and micro enterprises.

Yalın was founded in 2001 and has an experienced staff and products. Yalın improves its experience of how to set up productive systems using software technonogies by being involved in research and development activities.

Until the year 2013 Yalın developed software and services for the manucafturing sector whereas after 2013 it expanded its consultancy services to a Develop Your Software Yourself platform which can be used by both individuals and enterprises.


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Business Intelligence

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Process Quality Management

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Develop Your Software Yourself
You can develop and produce software without knowing how to write software codes

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Farm & Herd Management




Address: ULUTEK Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Uludağ Üniversitesi
Görükle Kampüsü No:315 Nilüfer, Bursa

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